Cow + Zebra = Cowbra

You’ve worked out by now that Cowbra is a combination of a cow and a zebra.

But is it a cow with zebra skin? Or a zebra with a cow’s body?

You need a combination of talents and values to create a new, unique entity - a new brand. And that’s what we’re all about.

We’re professional - yet - innovative.

We’re creative - but - with a good business sense.

We embrace playfulness - however - we also know how to deliver.

We’re techsavvy - but - we’re excellent on the personal touch.

We’re open to experimentation - yet - we back this with our sound design, business, and marketing knowledge.

Corporate branding is bigger than just a logo of your products and services. It encompasses the entire atmosphere around your business, and gives your customers something to engage with on a deeper level.

It inspires your staff to promote what they do with pride. In short, your brand is invaluable. We’re here to nurture that atmosphere, and provide you with a visual identity and brand strategy to make your business stand out from the crowd.


We’re here to find and develop that "atmosphere" for your business, so if it’s your time to shine, get in touch with us today!